A cheap but nice interlink
Becaus I have almost build a new audio set I need a few new interlinks. Thes have to be of no questionable quality because of the quality of the other units in this setup. The cost shoult be kept at a reasonable level because of the coming hollydays. No beautifull Siltech interlinks this time, they cost a lot of money. A real DIY mind will open a lot of other possibilitys. While looking for other components that can be used in my amplifier projects I visited the site of CONRAD. They have a lot of nice components, I bought a cabinet containing thousends of 1% metalfilm resistors ranging from 12 ohm to 1 M ohm. The cabinet only is worth the price of the complete set. They also sell parts you can not get in a regular electronics component store. I found a set of very nice WBT type of chinch connectors at almost no cost.

conrad cinchplug 734772-08
The complete pulg and a disassebled plug

These connectors are sold in sets of 4 (2 red and 2 black) in 'silver' like mine and also in 'gold' for the same low price. If you buy the needed cable to make a set of interlinks it is most likely that the cable itself will cost most! Cable diameter has to be 8mm to 9mm in diameter. I used Prefer MK104 microphone cable with an diameter of 6mm and a pice of rubber tube to make a exact fit in the connectors. The new interlinks are used to connect the CD player and the preamp. The CD player has 2 sets of outputs witch is handy to make a comparison between 2 sets of interlinks. The other set of interlinks in this test is a set of Siltech cables. I admit that the Siltech cabels are superior in some respect, no suprice if you look at the price tag.
Een setje interlinks in vol ornaat De Conrad pluggen houden de Prefer kabel geod vast
The result : a set of good sounding interlinks for under 10 euro's !!!